ZhongRong Group

The ZRG was established in 1992 as an investment company primarily focused on the real estate sector in China. Over its 18 year history, the ZRG has participated and directed numerous real estate developments throughout China including the Jasper Tower, Hengrui International Plaza and the International Business City in Shanghai's Pudong district. The ZRG is recognized as one of China's top real estate development companies.

In 2005, the ZRG began pursuing investments in Canada's natural resource sector as the first step to towards building an Energy platform. As a result, CCEC was established.

The ZRG is owned by Mr. Ni Zhaoxing (Chairman of ZRG) and Madame Gong (Chairman of CCEC). Mr. Ni is a celebrated entrepreneur in China, has been written up in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine and ranks as one of China's wealthiest individuals.

For further reference, please visit the Company's website www.china-zrg.com/english.